New Perspectives and Some Humor to Get You Through the Day:-)

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I was recently featured on The Happy and Wealthy Podcast with Alejandra Rojas. She is a fabulous, gifted money and mindset coach who is originally from Colombia but now resides in New Zealand.

We had a lot of laughs while talking about some serious topics.  I shared a few notably Emily-esque stories that will likely give you some chuckles and might even offer you some new perspectives along the way so enjoy!  

P.S. My sailor’s mouth inadvertently showed up in this podcast episode a few times so prepare yourself and any little kiddo ears around you…🤯

I’m also sharing this personal video I made with my kids today because, well, laughter is an ESSENTIAL balm for this Coronavirus life we are leading. So I share this video with you to support your mental health:-) And when you hear my accent you will KNOW I really AM from New York! 

I’m sending each of you LOVE and am cheering ALL of us on as we continue to find our ways through this time.

If you find yourself really struggling with the stress or anxiety that is so easily accompanying this COVID-19 experience, please reach out to me for help.  We can get on a call and talk about what you are experiencing and what it would look like for me to support you right now.  I’d love to connect with you.

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