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Dr. Emily Colwell
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What if it turns out you've been right all along?

What If You’re Right? shows you how to end self-improvement exhaustion and find you are utterly wise, mighty, held, and whole—despite feeling and being told otherwise.

Emily Colwell, MSSW, ND—a therapist and physician with a combined thirty years of experience—dispels the myth that we need to look outside ourselves for validation and direction.

The lens of wrongness is everywhere in our culture. It convinces us that cues from our minds and bodies are innately incorrect. We’re told that being fearful is wrong, being anxious is wrong, having debilitating fatigue is wrong, and so on.

But what if our minds and bodies have been right all along?

When Emily shifted from seeing her experiences through the lens of wrongness to embracing curiosity in those micro-moments as she navigated chronic illness, thyroid cancer, sexual orientation, and childhood trauma, her life underwent a profound transformation. She started to see that these seemingly “wrong” feelings were the body’s messengers, offering guidance and wisdom.

What If You’re Right? will show you:  

● How to stop feeling like a relentless self-improvement project.
How to update your relationship with your health challenges, parenting insecurities, body image and more so you can access the relief you’ve always wanted.
● How to pause the fight against parts of yourself, including anxiety and fear, that feel wrong, and instead discover how curiosity changes your experience.

What if it turns out your rightness is one micro-moment away? The micro-moment offers the invitation to pause and tap into your most powerful, ever-present ally, the one that’s been patiently waiting for you to come home. Discover how right you are in a world that makes you feel so wrong.

“What If You’re Right? Discover How Right You Are in a World that Makes You Feel So Wrong comes from a licensed, board-certified naturopathic doctor and clinical social worker whose decades of experience lend to this examination of self-confidence and strength. real-world, working solutions for such issues as the drive to please other people, countering the tendency towards perfectionism, developing a realistic self-care program, and more. The result is a primer on self-worth that goes far beyond most typical self-help books and approaches.”

- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Colwell is a medical mentor and muse who...will vanquish self-blame, put readers at ease, and reassure them that they are capable of living in the moment through her impressive, experiential example.”

- Blair Sorrel, author of A Schizoid at Smith: How Overparenting Leads to Underachieving

    Dr. Emily Colwell is a naturopathic doctor, clinical social worker, and popular blogger. She has shared the power of the micro-moment with her thousands of readers, followers, patients and friends, and it has transformed their lives too. She lives in North Carolina with her wife and two daughters. Find her at dremilycolwell.com.

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