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What If You're Right?


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What If You're Right?

The lens of wrongness is everywhere in our culture.

This lens of wrongness convinces us that our anxieties are innately wrong and that the solutions lay outside us. I know because I used this lens to navigate chronic illness, shifting sexual orientation, and childhood trauma.

But something unexpected happened when I was diagnosed with cancer. Oddly enough, I fell in love with my cancerous thyroid, which utterly challenged my beliefs about right and wrong. I learned to pause my fight against the parts of me that felt so wrong and instead turn toward my anxiety, other unwanted emotions, or physical symptoms with curiosity instead of trying to get away from them. I discovered how frequently these seemingly wrong aspects of my life turned out to be messengers, offering guidance and wisdom. And I found they’d been trying to call me back to myself, where it turns out relief and healing become so much more possible.

What If You’re Right will show you:

    • how to stop feeling like a relentless self-improvement project.
    • how to update your relationship with your anxiety, health challenges, parenting insecurities, body image and so much more so you can access the relief you’ve always wanted but looked for in all the wrong places.
    • how to discover how right you are in a world that makes you feel so wrong.

    What if it turns out your rightness is one micro-moment away? The micro-moment offers the invitation to pause and tap into your most powerful, ever-present ally, the one that’s been patiently waiting for you to come home. What If You’re Right? is the book that shows you how to end the self-improvement exhaustion and find you are utterly wise, mighty, held and whole.

    Dr. Emily Colwell is a naturopathic doctor, clinical social worker, and popular blogger. She has shared the power of the micro-moment with her thousands of readers, followers, patients and friends, and it has transformed their lives too. She lives in North Carolina with her wife and two daughters. Find her at