Our Inner Chatter

Our Inner Chatter

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Greetings, all you lovely peeps!

Check out this 1-minute video I made for you.

I share how I’m applying an old perspective to my apple experiment. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas about how to chat with YOUR “I hate you” apple or perhaps it will inspire you to join us in this apple adventure if you haven’t already. 

It’s also possible that my words will simply sound familiar because you regularly hear these kinds of phrases on repeat in your own mind.  If that’s the case, rest assured there’s hope yet!! It really IS possible to transform our inner dialogue and we don’t even have to do it perfectly!  I’m all about being perfectly imperfect in life so reach out to chat if you are intrigued.

If you missed the full blog post on the apple experiment, check it out here: https://dremilycolwell.com/warning-profanities-will-be-involved/.  Be sure to comment below the blog with some of the phrases you’re using in your own apple adventures.

Stay tuned for a new 1-minute video on Thursday in which I share a powerful paradigm shift that I experienced during cancer that’s been influencing my conversations with my “I love you” apple.  

And keep an eye out for more info about my new class series that starts at the end of September!  I’ll be sending out details soon.

Here’s a testimonial from one of my class participants:

The tools Emily teaches really help me create more ease and “get out of my own way”. The simplicity of it is powerful…


Emily Colwell, MSSW, ND

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