What If Your Mind Has It Wrong?

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Isn’t this the darn truth?!?!

How many times have YOU experienced this?  I sure know I have. And in the middle of that darkness, it feels like nothing is happening, right?

Your thinking mind is convinced that all the good solutions are gone…that the relief isn’t coming. Everything feels so hard…overwhelming…stressful.

You see, our thinking minds have a very small perspective. They just don’t know it! Their vantage point is so limited that they can’t see all the stuff that’s happening under the surface of our lives. People, places, and things are being woven into our lives in ways we can’t yet see.

In those times, it can feel so dark, but we’re still in the womb of life, not yet understanding, but still planted and growing.

If you are in a dark or confused place, may this remind you that you are planted. You don’t have to be convinced of it. You can simply wonder, with just an ounce of curiosity, if more may be reorganizing under the surface than yet meets the eye. What if it turns out you’ve been growing toward the light this whole time? And now you’re almost there. ❤️

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Emily Colwell, MSSW, ND

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