What If I Told You I Love to Curse?

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Did you know that I frequently curse like a sailor?  And I love how it feels! When I was a kid, I only cursed in my head.  Yup, you read that right. I was an internal curser.

I’m unclear when I formally invited my inner cusser into the external world, but, wow, what an EXCELLENT form of expression it’s turned out to be!  I can use an expletive and put all different kinds of emphasis on it and the same word can mean TOTALLY different things. Talk about versatility.

My cussing often surprises people. You see, I come off as super nice when people first meet me.  And I AM nice. But I’m more than that. I can also go “all New York” when needed because, well, I AM from NY!  I can be direct. I can be funny. I can be naive. I can be smart. I can be loving. I can be tough. I can be soft. I can be anxious.  I can be loud. I can be a talker. I can be….the list goes on.

Isn’t this true of all of us? We have so many different parts of us.  Some parts only come to visit us once in a while yet others remind us of their presence every day.  Some are more accepted by the outside world while others aren’t, but all these parts make up who we are. 

When someone only thinks I’m nice, I know they don’t know me well yet.  And I look forward to having them discover more of me over time. I must add that while I often love the expressive versatility that cursing offers me, my ability to sense appropriate moments for it remains intact so if you are not a profanity spewer, we’re still gonna get along just fine:-)

What are the parts of you that people tend to notice first?  And what are some other parts that they might be surprised to come upon as they know you better?  I’d love to hear… 


Emily Colwell, MSSW, ND

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