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My older daughter unexpectedly handed this to me one recent evening. I don’t have a clue what inspired her to make it for me right then, but I immediately loved it. She drew a picture of the ocean and waves and sand. And then she wrote these words: “The voice speaks to you.”

You wanna know why I loved it? Because it’s true. The ocean really IS a place where the voice speaks to me. Without exception. The outside noise fades away as I become aware of the thrum of inner peace that’s been there all along. Suddenly it becomes easy to tap into the voice of wisdom without even trying. I FEEL it even more than I hear it.

The truth is that this inner peace and wisdom are always present in me, willing and available to offer guidance. Now I invite them along, even when I’m not at the beach (which is often since I live in the mountains now!!). In those times when I forget, I easily find myself using a lens of wrongness in my life, searching for what is wrong and working hard to figure out how to fix it. When I connect with the wisdom and peace within, I more quickly shift to using a lens of rightness, which suddenly makes it possible for me to discover all the rightness that’s been tucked into the seeming wrongness.

This inner peace and wisdom are present in you, too. Where do they come most alive for you? The ocean? The mountains? The woods? A creek? On a road trip? Sitting in front of a fire? Spending quality time with a dear friend or loved one? Or perhaps it’s another setting altogether.  You’ll sense their presence when you find yourself experiencing a sense of “all is well” no matter what external circumstances are going on in your life.

What happens when you invite these parts of yourself to come along into other settings in your life? What if you find that this peace and wisdom have been there all along, waiting and eager to connect with you? What if this makes room for you, too, to shift from using a lens of wrongness to a lens of rightness in your life? How does this change the very experience you are in?

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