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What If You’re Right? shows you how to end self-improvement exhaustion and find you are utterly wise, mighty, held, and whole—despite feeling and being told otherwise.

Emily Colwell, MSSW, ND—a therapist and physician with a combined thirty years of experience—dispels the myth that we need to look outside ourselves for validation and direction.

The lens of wrongness is everywhere in our culture. It convinces us that cues from our minds and bodies are innately incorrect. We’re told that being fearful is wrong, being anxious is wrong, having debilitating fatigue is wrong, and so on. But what if our minds and bodies have been right all along? When Emily shifted from seeing her experiences through the lens of wrongness and instead embraced curiosity as she navigated chronic illness, thyroid cancer, sexual orientation, and childhood trauma, her life underwent a profound transformation.

This book will help you stop feeling like a relentless self-improvement project, improve your relationship with your anxiety, worries, physical and mental health, insecurities and more so you can discover how right you are in a world that makes you feel so wrong. Emily shares the tools she has used and taught to thousands of patients so you can enjoy a new experience with the parts of you and your life that you've believed to be wrong for so long.

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