Are you tired of struggling to find solutions to the parts of your life that aren’t working or feel unfixable, such as your anxiety, health, relationships or work? Do you notice that the harder you search for answers, the more stressed you feel and the less clarity you have? Are you looking for easier ways to expand your sense of possibility about it all?

Join Dr. Emily Colwell for her upcoming webinar series as she explores simple ways to harness your focus and tap into renewed clarity and possibilities.

Plan to walk away with a deep sense of relief and expanding possibilities in your life.

Price: $297

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The webinar series you’ve been waiting for is here! It begins on October 1st and I’d be thrilled to have you join me. The classes will be held on four consecutive Tuesday evenings.  Each class will begin at 8pm EST (5pm PST) via Zoom and will last 1 hour.

For those of you who’ve taken classes with me before and are wanting a refresher, here’s your chance!

If you’re new to my classes and are looking for simple ways to feel less overwhelmed by various aspects of your life and more engaged with the possibilities around you, look no further!

My classes always include laughter, connection and down to earth conversation while the class material quietly settles into your bones.  You’ll finish the series with a renewed sense of clarity, peace, connection with your inner compass and a newly expanded sense of possibilities in your life.

Who’s in?