Are You Aching for a Deeper, More Lasting Relief?

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What happens when you discover that your inner peace and wisdom have been there all along, waiting and eager to connect with you? What if this makes room for you to shift from using a lens of wrongness to a lens of rightness in your life? What if this leads you to the deep, lasting relief you’ve been searching for?

How to Allow Things to Slip Through the Cracks

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Are you on the treadmill called “Just.Keep.Going.” right now? Do you feel exhausted? Does it feel like your needs and feelings don’t count? Do you frequently find yourself feeling resentful because others around you don’t seem to appreciate all that you’re doing for them and that you are giving up your needs to take care of them? Is there something in your life that you ache to let go of, but it feels impossible to even imagine doing so?

The Words We Use

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We’ve all got things about ourselves that we don’t like. Sometimes it’s our physical appearance, something about our personality, our emotions, or even our health.  Have you ever noticed that the more you focus on it, the worse it feels and the more you want to find a way to fix that part of you? I’ve been thinking lately about …

Coming Home

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Over the years, I’ve come to embrace a different understanding of the meaning of true freedom. It’s been powerful and liberating for me and for others who come to share this lens, including many patients with whom I work.  Instead of true freedom requiring us to find a way OUT of our current moments, feelings or experiences, I’ve discovered that it …

wooden block spelling STORY TELLING


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I woke up this morning thinking about the stories we tell ourselves and how they matter. In truth, half the time we don’t even realize we’re telling ourselves a story at all. Stories are what allow our minds to make sense of our experiences, our feelings and the world around us. We need stories for this very reason, but which …